How Strength Wraps Can Improve Your Training

There comes a time in everyone’s strength training where they reach a plateau. After working hard, dieting well and perfecting their technique, your body can no longer become stronger without some sort of assistance. At first, working with a spotter can help tremendously. For those of you new to the blog, a spotter is someone who is there to assist you when lifting heavy. Knowing that you can’t fully complete a set on your own, but that lifting more will help muscle growth a spotter is there to help you complete all your sets safely. But a spotter can only help you increase your max reps, not increase the strength in your joints. Joint strength is just as important as a spotter, since those points in your body limit your mobility, stability and weight gain.

Benefits of Strength Wraps


Another way to increase your weight strength and reps is to utilize straps and wraps, such as knee, elbow and¬†wrist straps. By stabilizing your joints, strength wraps effectively keep your arms, knees and elbows in place thus eliminating any and all pain you previously felt. The right strap is tight, doesn’t stretch (and lose efficiency), is made of good material that is durable and comfortable and is durable enough to last for years. Price is always good too, but even a high price is a small enough cost to incur to avoid short term discomforts, and at worst, life long injuries. The best powerlifting wraps are also thick in order to provide more support. These factors are extremely important if you are a competitive weightlifting, crossfit or even gymnastics athlete, since you are constantly dealing with large amounts of pressure on your body and want to minimize the affects of competition on your body.

With those criteria in mind, the best strength straps we’ve encountered in the industry come from Manimal and its founder George Corbo. Manimal’s wraps are used in competition and training, are durable and even stylish. Each strap also supports a different cause, so you can work out while doing good!