Joe Wehinger on Growing Your Brand With Content Marketing


With the plethora of information consumers get bombarded with today, many of them can spot content that is not very deep, is missing passion and was quickly put together. The motto for content marketing today has become, quantity over quality in order to get more exposure, stay relevant and benefit from the amount of search engine optimization that comes with having more links out in the world indexed by the Google crawlers. But digital marketing consultant Joe Wehinger argues that quality tops quantity and still brings the added benefits of exposure, often times trumping performance over posting multiple times per day in the long term.

Take Your Time

Joe’s advice is simple, take your time to produce quality researched and informative content to your end user. A post should not merely be gossip or fiction-filled, but should be deeply useful to the reader. It should be educational or informative about the topic your niche expects from you and should leave the reader feeling like they have gained something since first beginning to read the article.

Make It “Sticky”

Sticky content is content that makes an impression on the reader enough that they can’t forget about it and end up sharing it with their peers on social platforms and other forms of media. By making your content informative, you are closer to making it sticky. You can entice your readers to share it by putting in call to actions, making your content entertaining or amazing to the reader.

Be Everywhere

Earlier I mentioned that quality is better than quantity, but that does not mean that you cant be everywhere with your quality posts. The best way to to turn quality into quantity is to convert  your content into different forms of media. If you originally write an article, you can turn that into a video to capture the people that prefer watching over reading content, says Joe Wehinger. And both those forms of content can become audio and used as podcasts.

The Benefits

In the end, quantity may seem that you are getting a lot done, but produces little traction or even deters users from engaging with your content. You may have a lot of stuff out there, but people can realize that it’s shallow and avoid it altogether. Quality content takes longer to be recognized, merely due to the fact that it takes more time to produce but it is more valuable, this giving you more virality, SEO benefits and keeping you front of mind. J

Joe Wehinger and his company United Digital Associates provides full service digital consulting and can help you improve your content.

How Strength Wraps Can Improve Your Training

There comes a time in everyone’s strength training where they reach a plateau. After working hard, dieting well and perfecting their technique, your body can no longer become stronger without some sort of assistance. At first, working with a spotter can help tremendously. For those of you new to the blog, a spotter is someone who is there to assist you when lifting heavy. Knowing that you can’t fully complete a set on your own, but that lifting more will help muscle growth a spotter is there to help you complete all your sets safely. But a spotter can only help you increase your max reps, not increase the strength in your joints. Joint strength is just as important as a spotter, since those points in your body limit your mobility, stability and weight gain.

Benefits of Strength Wraps


Another way to increase your weight strength and reps is to utilize straps and wraps, such as knee, elbow and wrist straps. By stabilizing your joints, strength wraps effectively keep your arms, knees and elbows in place thus eliminating any and all pain you previously felt. The right strap is tight, doesn’t stretch (and lose efficiency), is made of good material that is durable and comfortable and is durable enough to last for years. Price is always good too, but even a high price is a small enough cost to incur to avoid short term discomforts, and at worst, life long injuries. The best powerlifting wraps are also thick in order to provide more support. These factors are extremely important if you are a competitive weightlifting, crossfit or even gymnastics athlete, since you are constantly dealing with large amounts of pressure on your body and want to minimize the affects of competition on your body.

With those criteria in mind, the best strength straps we’ve encountered in the industry come from Manimal and its founder George Corbo. Manimal’s wraps are used in competition and training, are durable and even stylish. Each strap also supports a different cause, so you can work out while doing good!